Try out our new iPhone game - Pocoman! Unless of course you are easily distracted for hours on end.
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Pocoman™ is a classic puzzle game that first appeared long ago on another revolutionary device, the Amiga computer. Finally available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Pocoman™ will delight and challenge as you attempt to solve each of the increasingly difficult levels.

Suitable for all ages, Pocoman™ is simple to understand but difficult to master. The goal is to save each of the treasures by pushing them onto a bank, marked with an "X". But Pocoman™ can only push treasures, never pull, and he cannot push more than one at a time. Simple, right?. Can you do it?

If you like puzzles, you'll love Pocoman™. Pocoman™ is a terrific casual game for those times when you are out and about with a little extra time on your hands, commuting, taking a break or when you just need a little diversion.

Pocoman™ Libre is the free version of Pocoman™, to get you started. It contains 10 levels of easy to moderate difficulty to show you how the gameplay works and to whet your appetite for more.

Pocoman™ Primo contains many more levels that range from moderate to difficult. Search for "Pocoman" in the iTunes App Store to find it. A great value at just pennies per level. Additional level packs are planned, so check back regularly.

Pocoman™ Features:

  • 10 free levels to solve
  • Rotate and zoom playfield for easier play
  • Resume play where you left off
  • Undo most recent move if you make a mistake
  • Shake to restart a level
  • Hours of brain-teasing fun

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