Sleepless Software Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first in a new generation of shareware games:


Inner Worlds, is an incredible new side-scroll fantasy action adventure, for DOS & Windows 95. This game was developed by a team of very talented and energetic people scattered across the entire globe and brought together by the internet ... Sleepless IDT #1.

In Inner Worlds you play the role of a strong and beautiful woman whose quest-name is Nikita. Nikita has the astonishing ability to turn into a ferocious she-wolf! Nikita's quest is to track down The Claws, the evil creation of a misguided genius. The Claws has plagued the world for generations.

You will guide Nikita through the first episode, "Wizard's World" as she searches the ruins of Castle Drofanayrb for clues to where The Claws has gone. In episode two, "World of Change" you must venture through uninhabited and dangerous lands to reach a terrifying volcano, the hiding place of The Claws.

In the final episode, Nikita will struggle through a bewildering array of pitfalls as she heads for the "Heart of the World" to reach the lair of The Claws, uncover its secret and rid the world of its terror forever.

Inner Worlds incorporates many cutting edge, and never-before-seen features:

Inner Worlds runs on any IBM compatible computer with 486 or better CPU, VGA display and 8 Mbytes of memory. Support for Sound Blaster compatible and GUS sound cards is included.

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